Transparent Eyeliner Trend!

November 26, 2022

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Transparent Eyeliner Trend!

Transparent Eyeliner Trend!

Dear Boo,

We’re back with a new blog, and this time we’ll talk about the most recent internet craze: transparent eyeliner!

Without eyeliner, no makeup look is complete. But not everyone finds it easy to put it into practice. Fortunately, there are plenty stylish ways to apply liner that don’t take five years and 39 mental breakdowns.

The subtle beauty trend we didn’t know we needed is . Transparent Eyeliner The trend began when beauty blogger May Akhtar published a video showing how to create transparent eyeliner using only concealer and setting powder. With the use of these objects, she created an optical illusion that led to the creation of the translucent eyeliner pattern.

How to:

It works by using a precise brush to apply concealer, but instead of applying it like regular eyeliner, you create triangles or other patterns around your eyes and blend it outward so the interior of these forms is your natural complexion. This gives you the effect of translucent eyeliner without the smudging or panda-eyes. Your natural complexion essentially becomes the eyeliner because concealer does nothing more than draw attention to it.

Concealer is used to achieve it; the edges are blended after applying the product with a slanted brush in a manner akin to applying eyeliner. Since the brush leaves behind sharp lines that appear to be blended out and invisible, you are left with a “transparent” effect that creates an edge for your exposed skin.

Our decision:

Daytime looks are perfect. The appearance is simple but effective, and it actually works like an optical trick. In essence, it serves as a spotlight for your eyes.

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