Tips & strategies for getting the ideal shiny lips!

November 26, 2022
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Tips & strategies for getting the ideal shiny lips!

Hi, boo

Today, we’re discussing lip gloss, a cosmetic that has returned more times than a daily soap vamp.

Since the fully clear product that was probably your first introduction to makeup as a child, lip gloss has advanced substantially. Once again, shiny lips are definitely fashionable and sexy.

Following fashion, here are some pointers to improve your shine game:

Prep Your Lips for the Smoothest Application

Always start with slick lips before applying lipstick or gloss.

Brown sugar, coconut, vitamin E oil, or almond oil are all natural substances that you might use to make a lip scrub. After around 30 seconds, apply it to your lips with a finger and voilà! supple lips

The Right Way to Apply Lip Gloss 

Apply lip gloss only to the center of your foundation lip, then rub your lips together, as opposed to applying it like lipstick by swiping it from one side of each lip to the next. This adds just the right amount of sheen while preventing the gloss from becoming goopy.

Apply a thick layer of gloss to the base lip and push your lips together if you want a high shine look.

How to Make Lip Gloss Last

Lip gloss is infamous for having a short shelf life. It only takes two or three licks of windswept hair on your lips to end it.

Apply lip pencil to outline your lips, then set with powder. Add our Bubbleboss Lip gloss Collections on top of this base, and it’ll stay longer 😉

Lip Gloss tips for everyday use.

It’s entirely acceptable to not want to appear as though you just left an episode of Euphoria when you enter your school or college. For a day-friendly appearance, take a pinch of clear lip balm and add a tiny touch of gloss on top.

P.S. To get larger lips, line them just outside of their natural lip line and then apply gloss. No fillers necessary (except if you want them, which is totally okay).

Still have doubts? Need makeup tips? Write to us  and our team will help you with your queries 🙂

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