November 23, 2022




The natural, no-makeup beauty look is currently in vogue. Makeup trends come in waves. Natural implies that we shouldn’t cover our faces in products like bronzer, highlighter, powder, foundation, etc. we let our natural beauty shine. And a big part of this natural beauty is enhanced but beautifully natural eyelashes.

No look or trend is original, and everything ultimately comes back around, makeup artists will tell you. It therefore comes as no surprise that makeup that looks natural is once again popular.

Natural Eyelashes Last a Lifetime.

According to, the ‘beat boy’ look, favoured by Queen B’s MUA of choice, @sirjohn, was the first time natural makeup stood out.

The early 2010s style was made famous by shows like Skins. However, if you go back to the late 1960s and early 1970s, the girl next door and bare-faced appearance were completely popular.

Looking like you just woke up seems to have always been trendy rather than out of style. The term “I woke up like this” originated in a 1970s advertising campaign, but it quickly entered popular culture with the 2013 release of Beyoncé’s Flawless and the subsequent #wokeuplikethis makeup fad on social media. The natural look has always existed, although its appeal has fluctuated. The natural appearance and natural-looking eyelashes are fiercely popular in 2022. Finding natural artificial lashes that will give them a thick, fluffy lash line without making them appear to be wearing falsies is becoming more and more popular.

The natural lash trend is BeReal.

BeReal is a social media phenomena that was introduced in 2019 that promotes authenticity, natural beauty, and self-love. In contrast to the edited photographs that have become the standard, the platform embraces all that is authentic. BeReal has quickly become the go-to place for all things natural.

BeReal is the ideal destination to find inspiration for your natural appearance, offering everything from natural cosmetic ideas and tutorials to guidance on how to embrace your natural-looking artificial lashes. BeReal is leading the battle when it comes to promoting natural beauty, having amassed over 1 million posts with the hashtags #naturallashes #bareface #nofilter and #nomakeup.

Therefore, be sure to check out BeReal if you’re looking for some genuine inspiration for your natural appearance. You won’t be let down by its addiction potential.

Natural vs. Barefaced Look

While supporting the barefaced trend is fashionable, it isn’t always realistic or doable. False eyelashes are a terrific method to improve your appearance without being overly made-up or forced, whether you struggle with breakouts, lack the time to apply a complete face of makeup, or simply like the natural look.

Talented MUAs (makeup artists) frequently praise false lashes on Instagram, and these days, there are many variations that look natural. Who wants to look sleepy when you can look awake and fabulous? False lashes do, in fact, open up the eyes and make the user look fresh.

There are two different schools of thinking in relation to the. We think there’s a place for both, but if you’re leaning more toward the natural look, check out online tutorials and if you want something more statement-y, read our blog on the 5 Best Magnetic Lashes of 2022 for Easy Application here.

Lash Check: Closing Remarks

Undoubtedly, natural-looking fake eyelashes are in style right now, and we believe this trend will continue. There is a style for everyone, whether you want something for a casual daytime look or something glamorous for a night out.

Do you have a favorite pair of lashes that seem natural? Do you adore the “I woke up like this” and bare-faced looks? Do you adore bare skin? Or would you rather look like Kim K. in war paint?

Speak up in the comments section below and let us know how you feel about this topic, whether you love it or detest it completely. We need your opinion.

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