Bubbleboss Pencil Sharpener


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Bubbleboss Pencil Sharpener

There are many different types of pencil sharpeners, but we’ll focus on two the bubbleboss pencil sharpeners which gives your lip pencil or any pencil the perfect finish and sharp edge

Manual sharpeners are very simple to use because the slot where you can put the pencil and then rotate it around in circles until the tip is sharpened is customized for that purpose. Other pencil sharpeners  have a crank that you rotate manually. The manual pencil sharpener is best for sharpening colored pencils or crayons.

Electric sharpeners are also very popular because they’re so easy to use! Simply insert your pencil into the slot on top of the electric sharpener and press down to make it go through one complete rotation. This will sharpen your pencil all by itself! Electric sharpeners work great for regular-sized writing utensils, but they might not work as well for larger ones like crayons or colored pencils.


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