Liquid Blush 101: Dos and don’ts for liquid blushes

November 26, 2022
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Liquid Blush 101: Dos and don'ts for liquid blushes

Liquid Blush 101: Dos and don’ts for liquid blushes

Dear Boo,
We ought to talk about liquid blushes! If you believe liquid blushes don’t look well on you, you might be applying them incorrectly:(
While we adore liquid blushes, the liquid mixture can ruin your foundation and make you look uncoordinated rather than a princess of the sun.
It would be a grave mistake to apply liquid blush the same way you would a traditional powder blush. These recipes provide a flush that is too great to even consider missing—one that is dewy and lighted from the inside.

You can find out exactly how to handle this luxury makeup stuff by reading our overview of dos and don’ts.


Avoid using it uniformly and in a straightforward manner.
It makes it challenging for you to correctly combine the blush.
If you apply it in a plain manner, it won’t just seem uneven; it will also look unnatural and potentially ruin the rest of your makeup. Choosing how much of an item to use and how the results will turn out will be difficult.

Avoid applying it. Following Setting Powder
It will ruin the fineness of your makeup if you apply liquid blush after setting powder or any powder combination in that regard. Your makeup will shatter and be stripped away when liquid blush is combined with powder. The surface will become agitated as you watch, and

It will immediately turn you off.

You can find out exactly how to handle this luxury makeup stuff by reading our overview of dos and don’ts.

Avoid specking and brushing.
When you put blush on your cheeks and then blend it with a brush, it results in an uneven, confusing application that can ruin the rest of your makeup. The item is applied unevenly, resulting in brush strokes that are more obvious in certain areas.


Apply it without any cosmetics Skin
You can use liquid blushes to provide a light dusting of color to your exposed skin. The finishing is so commonplace that it frequently gets applied to exposed skin that has been treated with skincare. When applying liquid blush without any other base makeup, you can feel confident applying it directly without worrying since there aren’t any layers of makeup that you could accidentally apply incorrectly.

First, blend it on your hand.
Applying liquid blush correctly involves first dabbing a few drops on the back of your palm, followed by a swift, delicate swipe to create a thick, even layer, warm it up a little with your palm. Swipe your brush on this layer right now to acquire the color, and then blend it on your cheeks later. This considers even application without being vulgar or wasting anything.

Equations to Apply It Before Powder
Apply liquid blush after foundation, liquid establishing, and concealer if you require a smooth base. The standard procedure is to first set the base with setting powder before continuing to add powder blush. For liquid blushes, however, you apply the blush as part of your base makeup and then use a setting powder to put it in place.


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