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Are you new to artificial lashes? Or perhaps you’ve worn false eyelashes for years but are unsure of which design will work best for your eye shape. Whether you want to go for a natural appearance or full-on glam, picking the appropriate false lashes is essential.

This article will demonstrate how to identify your eye shape so you may confidently browse our selection and maximize your eyes.

What form are my eyes?

There are seven primary eye shapes: cat eye, almond, hooded, monolid, round, upturned, and downturned. And while some eye shape-specific lash trends work well with all eye types, others work better with particular eye types.

For instance, long, wispy lashes may work best to open up the eye area if you have hooded eyes. Conversely, shorter, more realistic-looking lashes might be a preferable choice if you have upturned eyes.

The following is a quick approach to determining your eye shape:

  • Start by addressing the mirror directly in front of you. Make a note of the beginning of your crease. You can tell whether you have hooded, monolid, or almond-shaped eyes by looking for the crease.
    You have almond-shaped eyes.
  • If your crease can be seen when your eyes are open. If your crease is hidden, you either have hooded eyes or monolid eyes.
    Close your eyes and observe how much of your eyelid is visible.

To determine if you have hooded eyes. If you can see a lot of your eyelid, you have hooded eyes. If not, your eyes are monolid.
It’s difficult to pinpoint your particular eye shape, because many people have a variety of eye forms. Genes and eye structure all play a role.

are organized. So keep an open mind, look around, and experiment with several looks to see which suits you the best.

Look at our tutorial on how to choose artificial lashes for every eye shape now that you are aware of your eye shape.

Selecting Fake Eyelashes for Each Eye Shape

Not sure which false lashes will suit your eye shape? We’ve tried out loads and developed a quick guide from the results to help you find the perfect pair.

False lashes in the almond eye shape

Being balanced and able to wear any type of false eyelashes, almond-shaped eyes are regarded as the perfect eye form.

But if you want to up the drama a bit, we advise choosing a look with longer lashes in the outer corners. Your eyes will appear longer and slightly wider if you have lengthy lashes on the outside corner.

Lucky celebs with almond eyes include Mila Kunis, Sandra Oh, Angelina Jolie, Blake Lively, and Sandra Oh.

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False lashes with monolid eyes

False lashes can be an excellent technique to provide the appearance of a crease if you have monolid eyes. In the outer and inner corners, look for styles that are longer and more full-bodied. Your eyes will appear to be wider open and lifted if you have full lashes on the outside corner.

Too short or dense lash styles should be avoided because they will understate your eyes and make them appear ugly.

Cindy Crawford, Lucy Liu, and Gemma Chan are well-known actresses with seductive monolid eyes.

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The ideal fluttery lash is gorgeous without being very heavy.

The Best False Lashes Have Hooded Eye Shapes

Traditional artificial lashes may not remain in place if your eyes are hooded since your eyelids tend to drop over them. Fortunately, a wide variety of fake lash designs are specifically made to fit hooded eyes.

To help you see more clearly, look for designs that are longer in the outside corner and shorter in the inner corner. Too-long inner corner lashes can overwhelm your eyes, making them appear smaller and closer together.

Kim Kardashian West, Olivia Palermo, and Rihanna are examples of famous people with hooded eyes. You wouldn’t assume these celebrities have hooded eyes because they are also great false lash aficionados, but they do.

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Best False Lashes: Downturned Eyes

It is said that downturned eyes are also a sign of intelligence and a deep-thinking individual. Downturned eyes tend to droop at the outer corners, giving them a sorrowful or fatigued expression. With the appropriate kind of artificial lashes, you can look both young and intelligent.

Try a fake lash style with shorter lashes in the outer corners and longer lashes in the inner corners to help brighten and accentuate your eyes. By positioning your eyelashes in this way, you may lift and rejuvenate your eyes.

Avoid having your lashes done in thick, short styles because they will overpower your eyes and make them appear even more downturned.

Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, and All of the well-known actors with downturned eyes are Kate Beckinsales.

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Round Eyes False Lashes

To assist balance your eyes if you have round eyes, you might want to consider a style of false lashes that is denser on the outer corners and in the middle. Avoid wearing lash styles that are all the same length unless you want to accentuate your eyes’ roundness.

Follow the advice of famous people with round eyes like Emma Stone, Kirsten Dunst, and Reese Witherspoon and choose a fake lash style with longer outer corners to lengthen your eyes.

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The Best Fake Lashes – Deep-Set Eyes

Deep-set eyes appear smaller because they are placed further back in the head. Try a dramatic false lash design with longer outer edges to make your eyes appear larger. Your eyes will appear more dazzling with a longer outer edge.

Your eyes will be opened if you choose lash lengths that are longer in the outside corner and shorter in the inner corner. Too short of lash styles might overpower your eyes and make them appear even more deep-set.

Zooey Deschanel, Rachelle Lefevre, and Jennifer Aniston are a few well-known celebrities with deep-set eyes.


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