November 23, 2022


 3D Mink Lashes 

The reason I don’t use artificial lashes as much is that they are frequently uncomfortable. Natural hairs or fibers must be used in the lashes I choose because they not only have a stunning, natural, fluttery appearance but also have the tendency to feel very comfortable when worn. I am thrilled to write this sponsored review with Private Label Extensions to highlight their gorgeous selection of mink lashes because I had heard so much about mink eyelashes and had been wanting to test them for such a long time.

The price range for the Private Label Extensions 3D Mink Lashes ranges from $13 for a single lash to $218.75 for a bundle of 25 lashes, with numerous options available in between. There are ten varieties in the thinline range and ten in the traditional range of mink lashes, offering a vast diversity of looks! Since the bands are thinner in the thinline range, they are much simpler to apply and wear if you are new to wearing false eyelashes. All of these lashes are created entirely from mink. The gorgeous shape and elaborate styles of the lashes really draw attention to their high quality.



I selected the Lola pair from their vintage 3D Mink Lash line. I chose this look because I adore lashes with long outer corners and short inner corners. Your eyes and eye shape are lifted, making you look very attractive and flirtatious. It also makes my little eyes look less heavy and really opens them up. These lashes are quite full with several layers of lashes, yet the mink hair gives them a very light and wispy appearance, which adds to how dramatic but real they look.


So why choose mink lashes over those made of synthetic or human hair?

First of all, even the dramatic and very full ones, like the Lola style, are quite comfy! The ones made of synthetic fibers are so unbearably unpleasant! I’ve yet to discover a pair that I could keep on for more than five seconds! The labels are significantly tougher and frequently lift and poke your eyes! Although they are more superior and comfy, human hair lashes don’t last as long.

They last substantially longer and can be used up to 20–25 times, which leads me to my second point. Mink lashes are far more robust than human hair lashes, especially these bands, which can be readily washed, preserved, and

reused. Because mink hairs are so pricey and luxurious, mink lashes are made from a much higher grade material because you’d like to be able to use them more than 3–4 times. Even after just two applications, the band starts to warp and the human hair lashes start to become tangled, despite the fact that I take excellent care of them. Because the bands on synthetic fiber lashes are made of plastic, they can be worn for a little while longer, but they are still very uncomfortable and don’t match your natural lashes very well.

My third reason is that mink lashes seem really natural. They are soft and wispy because they are made from real mink hair, which is extremely lightweight and fine. There are a natural, curled appearance that resembles the movement of eyelashes. The fluffiness and fluttery look of the mink fur, which is so much softer and finer, is lacking in human hair, despite the fact that it will undoubtedly blend into your natural lashes.

Since synthetic lashes are made of hard, frequently shiny plastic—even when they are quite fine—which does not even remotely resemble real lashes, they would obviously not blend in with your natural lashes. Even with a lot of mascara to bind them, they don’t mold with natural lashes.

How to maintain mink eyelashes

Make sure to take good care of your eyelashes if you want them to last and maintain their appearance throughout time.

Be kind. When you take it out of the shell, gently place your fingers next to the band and peel the lashes away from the plastic in quick motions. Pulling the lash from one end to the other should only be done in small increments. The lash band shouldn’t warp for any reason. Try to use the same procedure while removing your eyelashes: grasp the corner and carefully lift; but, as you do so, slide your fingers along to prevent grabbing one end and pulling it off. It isn’t a

bandage a tiny eyelash, indeed! You should also use a cotton swab dipped in oil-free makeup remover to dissolve the glue only at the lash band, since this is also advised. DO NOT use a wipe or immerse your entire eye in makeup removal!

First, apply mascara. Apply mascara to your natural lashes first if you can’t live without it. Put on your mink lashes after they have dried. Simply pinch the two together with your fingers or gently curl your lashes to combine them.

Avoid peeleding off the extra glue. Avoid picking and peeling at the adhesive when washing your eyelashes. You run a greater risk of ruining and warping the lash band. Simply wipe the extra adhesive with a cotton swab that has been very lightly dipped in an oil-free makeup remover. Use an oil-free one because you don’t want more oil to remain there for the next time. If there are larger bits, you can carefully remove them with tweezers if the glue has already been removed by remover.

Save securely. To avoid them getting squashed or distorted, store your eyelashes in the original packaging or a special lash case. I am responsible for just ripping them off.

Don’t take off my eyelashes at the end of the night and leave them on your bathroom vanity or counter. If you properly keep these lashes after each usage, they will remain fluffy and gorgeous.

What do they seem and feel like?

They are precisely as full and fluffy as they were described! These lashes contain an abundance of delicately created silky hairs. They definitely make your eyes stand out and give them a big pop! Despite being heavy, the band is really comfy. Applying it correctly can be challenging, but the key is to wait until your adhesive is tacky before applying it to the eyes. When it really adheres, you may carefully tuck the corners. I advise cutting your eyes before applying if you have small eyes like I do. It was excellent once I removed roughly three notches from the lashes. Additionally, I applied the lashes with the lovely Rose Gold Lash Applicator, which was incredibly helpful! It’s also quite reasonable just US $13.00! These eyelash sets are of exceptional quality and can be used up to 20–25 times for the reasonable price of $9.75 each! That represents an extremely good value! I had a great time working with these lashes, and I loved the impact they had on my appearance! I’ll undoubtedly research additional fashions to test!


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