5 Winter Makeup Looks To Welcome 2023 With Glam

November 26, 2022
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5 Winter Makeup Looks To Welcome 2023 With Glam

5 Winter Makeup Looks To Welcome 2023 With Glam

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Are you unsure about the best makeup trends to wear in winter? Team Blur has your back, so don’t worry!

Discover our best picks for this season by reading on!

No Makeup Makeup Look

I don’t know about you, but the extended period from November to March seems to have dried out and dulled my face and lips. This chilly season, trustworthy cream highlighters and good lip balms should be your new best pals. Instead of the ultra-shimmery products of bygone ages, use moisturizing solutions that will give your skin a dazzling sheen and a sound luster — even throughout winter.

Glamour and Glamm!

You might wonder, “What occasion party could be complete without a little glam?” Simply coat your eyelashes with a heavy coat of glitter makeup to turn them into adorable tiny party accents. Keep the rest of your face to a minimum and focus all attention on your eyes.

An Eruption Of Eyeshadow

During the winter, your makeup won’t leak (read: become a sweaty mess), so make it a point to look into several options for gorgeous, dazzling colours for your eyeshadow. Go crazy with your eyelashes, from mosaics to cut-creases!

Voila To Burgundy!

It seems inappropriate to include winter beauty trends without including plum burgundy lipstick. Basic: To add dimension and improve the shape of your lips, simply experiment with a variety of burgundy glossy lipstick shades and rich pencil tints.

Graphic Liners All The Way!

By only drawing a few distinct lines on your eyelids using a pencil or liquid eyeliner, you instantly become the most fashionable person on the street. Think of a vibrant color like plum or brown to really make your clothing pop and stand out from the monotonous black eyeliner crowd!

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