5 Simple Ways to Clean Out Your Makeup Bag

December 11, 2022
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5 Simple Ways to Clean Out Your Makeup Bag

New things should replace the old. New year, fresh starts. a new beginning All of these have been spoken before. Many of us have a propensity for organizing and decluttering our lives, homes, workstations, and clothes, as corny as such expressions may sound. However, our makeup collection is the one thing that is frequently overlooked.

Unlike our clothes, shoes, and documents, cosmetics can harm our health if they aren’t checked every three months. Lipsticks can break, mascara can clump, and foundation can go bad. Here are some suggestions for maintaining the condition of your makeup bag.

Replace mascara and liquid and gel liners every 6 to 12 weeks

We all probably want the first time we use a new mascara, when our lashes feel lush, full, and moisturized, that it could last forever. Unfortunately, mascaras are among the first items to degrade in the real world, along with liquid and gel liners. You ask why? It’s really quite easy; because these products are constantly exposed to air, their moisture content decreases, resulting in clumpy, dry compositions. In addition to making application challenging, bacteria buildup can irritate and infect skin.

Check expiration dates

Even while some of us like to test our luck with them (“it’s only a guide” – sound Portable Automatic Hair Curler ,cordless curling iron familiar?) cosmetics has an expiration date just like food. We should be more careful about meeting these deadlines. The purpose of an expiration date is to maintain the freshness of formulations and active components. It is advised that you check all expiration dates and discard anything that has passed its expiration date. Your nose might occasionally alert you when a product is destined for the trash.

Invest in quality products

It is advisable to spend money on high-quality goods that stay longer in your cosmetic bag when it comes to powder-based products like powder foundations, bronzers, blushes, and eye shadows. Once opened, all Nars powder-based products can stay in your makeup bag for up to two years since they are inert, which means they cannot support or harbor microorganisms.

Keep your brushes and tools clean

Has Picasso ever used brushes that were dirty? We’d guess not! It’s crucial to maintain the purity of your Bubbleboss Collection makeup and the health of your skin by regularly cleaning your makeup brushes. A hard, shiny coating that hinders product from being taken up and applied evenly to your skin will be left behind on powders by any oil or dirt that has been left on your brushes. We advise washing your brushes at least once per week with 100% pure Sampoo and Conditioner  to remove any dirt, oil, or makeup buildup. It is safe to use on all BubbleBoss  brushes.

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